Best Things to Do in Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island offers the perfect environment for an unwinding vacation experience, offering several beautiful beaches and calm waters that allow for optimal relaxation.

Thresher sharks may be the main draw for visiting this sleepy island, but there’s much more to enjoy here, from cliff-jumping to watching sunsets.

1. Snorkeling

Malapascua Island draws visitors for one main purpose – diving with thresher sharks in Monad Shoal at Monad Shoal dive site is one of the few places on earth where they can be seen year round! Though you must get up early as these magnificent creatures tend to be most active before sunrise, the rewards make the sacrifice worthwhile as these shy yet impressive sharks will occasionally glide past and circle you while diving – it truly makes for an impressive spectacle to witness!

Malapascua offers another popular diving experience: finding manta rays at Gato Island. This stunning underwater world features intricate rock formations and vibrant corals; great places for spotting whitetip reef sharks year-round as well as hammerhead sharks and eagle rays!

Muck diving on Malapascua Island is also highly acclaimed. This form of underwater exploration specializes in discovering unspoiled marine life, making it the ideal activity for beginner divers as its demands are not as rigorous than other forms of diving. Divers can find various species like blue-ring octopus, seahorses and even remnants from World War II shipwrecks here!

Malapascua Island offers plenty of beautiful beaches for beach hopping. Relaxing and taking in the magnificent scenery are both equally rewarding activities here, though swimming may not always be possible due to sea urchins living along their coastlines. Bounty Beach, located at its center, features bars, restaurants, resorts and resorts; other popular ones are Logon Beach Bantigue Guimbitayan Langob beaches are popular too.

2. Cliff-Jumping

Malapascua offers various places where cliff diving can take place, with Shipwreck Beach Cafe near the lighthouse being one of the more popular ones. Here, cliff diving can be done safely at your own risk and is a fun activity to fill an afternoon.

Lapus Lapus Cliff provides another great platform from which to leap, located on the northwestern tip of the island and offering various height options for jumpers. Jumpers can also explore beaches and caves at its base.

Night diving in Malapascua is an amazing activity that offers incredible marine life viewings. Divers can expect to encounter mandarin fish, pygmy seahorses and dwarf cuttlefish during their dive at night in Malapascua.

Malapascua offers many other exciting activities to make your vacation experience unforgettable, from relaxing on the beachfront to wild nights filled with dancing and drinking. No matter what you prefer, Malapascua will have something fun for everyone on their vacation itinerary.

On the island, you’ll also discover amazing food! Restaurants specialize in Filipino and international dishes alike; or head down to your local market and pick up some fresh seafood directly from vendors there for an immersive local culture experience while indulging in some delicious cuisine from around the Philippines. Beware though; markets tend to get very crowded during peak seasons so be aware that competition for tables may become fierce! For a quieter experience try visiting during off-peak season hours instead!

3. Sunsets

No better way to end a day on Malapascua than with a sunset cruise! Take your time and admire the gorgeous sun-kissed views as the waves crash against the shoreline – an idyllic contrast from Malapascua’s energetic vibe during the day!

If you’re not on a cruise, try watching the sunset at one of Malapascua’s most well-known beaches – Bounty Beach. Not too crowded yet beautiful sunset views await; enjoy relaxing with drinks while listening to some live acoustic music as the day ends!

Langob Beach (North Beach), another beautiful spot to watch the sun set is an excellent option. Not as popular than Bounty Beach but still offering intimate scenery, Langob offers more space so that you can unwind, listen to some acoustic tunes and mingle with fellow travelers and friends.

After you have seen the sunset, head up to the lighthouse at the northern tip of the island for stunning views – they become even more dramatic at dusk so make sure you bring along your camera! For even better photos at dusk be sure to bring along your tripod.

Walk around the entire island for a great cultural experience – local fishermen or school kids walking to class can often be seen. Additionally, explore its beaches and secret coves.

Diving enthusiasts can visit Monad Shoal to swim among thresher sharks and other marine life, or other sites on Dakit-Dakit Island such as Coral Garden, Los Bambos Beach or Guimbitayan Beach for other diving sites. Nondivers can enjoy island hopping or snorkeling around a Japanese shipwreck before climbing Guimbitayan Beach’s lighthouse for island hopping fun or climbing its lighthouse!

4. Beaches

Malapascua offers some incredible beaches for relaxing on, such as Langob Beach, Bantigue Cove Beaches Rock Beaches and Gugma Beaches – most can be reached easily on foot or motorcycle taxi and are usually just minutes from resorts.

Malapascua’s west-facing beaches offer some of the world’s premier spots for watching sunset. Nothing beats seeing that fiery orange hue take over the skies while it kisses the horizon – Logon Beach offers spectacular views, though any western-facing beach will do!

Marquetta Beach is an absolute must-see beach, known for its iconic twin coconut trees that provide photographers with perfect shots. Instagrammers flock to Marquetta, as locals pose beneath these iconic twin trees – an Instagrammer’s delight! Gamers flock there as well to enjoy their online gameplay of slots etc. on top websites mentioned on while overlooking the views.

Malapascua has become famous for diving with thresher sharks and is one of the only locations worldwide where divers can view these remarkable marine creatures year-round! Threshers are rare species only found in North Cebu and Malapascua; additionally, Malapascua serves as home to other amazing marine life including manta rays, devil rays, barracudas and eagle rays – making diving here one of the must-do experiences!

Monad Shoal can be visited independently or as part of an island hopping tour, and most dive shops on the island offer trips there. Here, you’ll discover an abundance of marine life including thick living corals, reef sharks and even hammerhead sharks!

5. Food

Malapascua Island draws travelers in for its incredible thresher shark diving opportunities, but that is far from all this tiny Philippine paradise has to offer. There are amazing restaurants serving dishes from different nations; beautiful uncrowded beaches to lie back on and relax; as well as night bars that serve drinks to make sure there’s always plenty to do here – there’s truly no lack of things to do here.

Marquetta Beach is one of the island’s most iconic spots, featuring twin coconut trees dubbed “Coconut Tree Love.” This beach has become quite an Instagram sensation so make sure you bring along your camera if planning on visiting!

Bantigue Cove Beach in the north of the island is another must-see spot, boasting stunning white sand and crystal clear waters. To reach this beach, however, requires walking through an abandoned resort – at its end though is rewarded by stunning views of both beach and mountains!

Malapascua offers plenty of exciting island hopping activities, from visiting nearby small islands for snorkeling and diving adventures, to unwinding on their sandy shores and relaxing by the water’s edge. Simply ask your hotel’s front desk about these islands so they can help plan a memorable journey through all that the Philippines offers!